ThingMagic BizTalk RFID Device Provider 2.0

We are pleased to annouce the beta release of Version 2 of the ThingMagic BizTalk RFID Device Provider. This release supports the Mercury 4, Mercury 5 and ASTRA fixed readers.

What's New:

Version 2 of the device provider is built on a common framework which is the foundation for all our future device providers. This shared code produces faster and small executables.

Version 2 of the device provider is the first of our device providers to use a per device connection licensing model, which wil reduce the price of the device provider for small BizTalk installations.

In addition to performance enhancments, the tag read process of the version 2 device provider has been augmented to reduce network traffic.


Release Notes:

5/10/2008 - Version 2.0.3417.25130 - Update

4/20/2008 - Version 2.0.3397.40016 - Initial Beta release