ThingMagic BizTalk RFID Device Provider

Obtaining a License

The first step in obtaining a software license is to generate a license request.  This can be done from the License section of the Advanced Configuration Application.

Pressing the “Generate License Request” button will prompt the user with the registration dialog:

Filling out the registration dialog and pressing the “Generate” button will present the user with a Save as dialog.  The Save as dialog allows the user to select the name and the location to store the license request.  The default name of the license request will take the format of “ThingMagic.DSPI.MachineName.licenseRequest” for ease of management.  The user is free to change the name of the file if desired as the actual name of the file is not important.

Emailing the License Request

Simply email the license request to Upon receipt of the license request, a email reply containing the license will be sent.

Install/Remove the License

The Software license can be installed and removed from the machine using the Licensing Application.